Styroshield Exterior Wall

Insulates – EPS is the insulation of choice where energy efficiency is important. It has a high R-value to cost ratio. And the R-value is consistant for life.

It breathes – Moisture is not trapped by EPS Exterior Wall Insulation. Water vapor can pass through the insulation, reducing the risk of peeling exterior material or moisture damage to the wall structure itself, while maintaining its R-value.

Resilient – EPS exterior wall insulation withstands constant outdoor temperature changes. Flexible, it absorbs reasonable building movement without cracking the surface. It’s available in densities from 1 to 2 pounds per cubic foot.

Strong and lightweight – You select the density depending on compressive strength needed. Strong and easy to work with, yet light, a 2 inch thickness of 1 pound density weighs just 3 ounces per square foot.

Surface bonding – The face of EPS wall insulation provides superior bonding. EPS is compatible with many types of adhesives and adheres tenaciously to wall substrates. Exterior finish coats bond to the EPS surface tightly which is critical to wall systems integrity and lasting appearance.

Quality Assurance Program

LIFOAM™ EPS is third party certified as mandated by the major manufacturers of Exterior Finish Systems.

Quality Control Procedures

1. Records the raw material entering production.

2. Makes regular in-plant test for strength and density.

3. Secures random samples for independent lab testing.

4. Labels products for easy identification.

5. Monitors manufacturing process to assure repeatable performance.

LIFOAM™ Stryoshield Insulation meets tough exterior wall specifications. EPS has been used in construction for more than 30 years, combining high R-value and rigid strength with resiliency. It’s the proven foundation for major exterior insulation wall coating systems. EPS is compatible with the three protective coating types as classified by the Exterior Insulation manufacturers Associations, EIMA.

Polymer Base – All acrylic systems.
Mineral Base – Cementicious systems.
Polymer Modified Mineral – Acrylic and mineral combination systems. The possibilities are unlimited.

* Cost effective design is possible because of the ease LIFOAM™ fabricates EPS. It’s easy to cost justify wall surface design when it increases insulation value and adds to building life.

LIFOAM™ shapes help architects bring period-look exteriors to life. An old building can receive a new and exciting exterior, compatible with its new life. Application of special shapes is done quickly and easily by contractor. Alternative methods are more costly and may not contribute to energy efficiency.

LIFOAM™ wall insulation meets industry standards. EPS insulation may be manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of major Model Building Codes, Federal Specification HH-I-524, ASTM C 578, HUD Minimum Property Standards, HUD use of Materials Bulletin No 71, and the DOE / RCS Standards. LIFOAM™’s quality assurance, superior equipment and strong assurance, superior equipment and strong industry commitment results in a quality product.