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  • Additive – infused EPS to help the material break down in a landfill in under 4 years*
  • Breaks down into inert humus, CO2, and methane in a landfill*
  • NOT an oxo-biodegradable material, won’t leave behind microplastics
  • Activated by a microbe-rich environment, means no change to shelf life or storage requirements
  • Thermal and material properties equivalent to EPS^
  • Uses the same processes and equipment as our traditional EPS, providing the same tolerances and quality specifications you’ve come to expect from Lifoam
  • Meets FDA 21 CFR standards for food contact
  • Not available for consumer sale or resale in CA, MD and WA.

*Bio-reactive landfill environment, ASTM D5511, test results showed biodegradation of 91.9% of the sample over four years.
^Drop testing in accordance with ASTM D4169-16, Schedule A, Assurance Level 1

FG # Eq.DescriptionWall ThicknessID Length (IN)ID Width (IN)ID Height (IN)OD Length (IN)OD Width (IN)OD Height (IN)
1040728EVC-EVG 14X11X13 w/CTN1.514111317.62514.62516.625
1040729EVC-EVG 8X6X8 w/CTN1.586811.6259.62511.625
1040739EVC-EVG 20.5X13.125X14 15 w/CTN1.520.513.251424.12516.87517.625
1040740EVC-EVG 10.5x8x9.25 w/CTN1.510.58.259.514.12511.87513.125
1046903EVC-EVG 8 X 6 X 4.25 w/CTN1.5864.2511.56259.56257.875
1046902EVC-EVG 8 X 6 X 7 w/CTN1.586711.56259.562510.625
LF27036EVC-EVG 8 X 6 X 9 w/CTN1.586911.56259.562512.625
1046901EVC-EVG 8 X 6 X 12 w/CTN1.5861211.6259.62515.625
LF27071EVC-EVG 14x11x13 w/CTN1.514111317.62514.62516.625
LF27086EVC-EVG 12.25x12.25x12 w/CTN1.512.2512.251215.87515.87515.875
LF27160EVC-EVG 12x10x7 Foam Only1.51210715.062513.062510.0625
LF27161EVC-EVG 12x10x7 w/CTN1.51210715.562513.562510.5625
LF27163EVC-EVG 12x10x9 w/CTN1.51210915.62513.62512.625
LF27226EVC-EVG 20.5X13-1/8X14 w/CTN1.520.513.251424.12516.87517.625
LF27305EVC-EVG 10.5x8.25x6.25 Foam Only1.510.58.256.2513.562511.31259.25
LF36156EVC-EVG Ice Locker C-155IL w/CTNn/a9.3757.757.18820.37515.513.75
LF36160EVC-EVG Ice Locker C-161IL w/CTNn/a14.3136.87513.7421.62519.37520.875
LF36163EVC-EVG Ice Locker C-162IL w/CTNn/a8.54.6256.93816.6251513.06
LF36168EVC-EVG Ice Locker C-167IL w/CTNn/a14.7512.75162522.522.5


Yes, the performance of EVG is the same as EPS in thermal and physical testing.

Testing has been conducted at an independent test lab to ASTM standard D5511 to support this claim.

Yes, municipalities are increasingly choosing these types of landfills to generate electricity and save space. These landfills are defined by the EPA as being a municipal solid waste landfill in which liquids and air are added to help bacteria break down the waste. Oftentimes, the methane byproduct is captured and used for electricity. Learn more at this link: https://www.epa.gov/lmop

No, this additive does not contain any metals, starches, or hard salts – which are often found in products that create microplastics. In addition, this is not an oxo-degradable material, which is currently debated in the scientific world about whether oxo-degradation results in microplastics.


Payload – Qty 1 100ml vial, no gel, no corepack
Note that the testing was done with a 8x6x7 container of each in our internal, ISTA certified labs.

1. Internal and Third Party testing
2. https://www.epa.gov/lmop
3. Bioreactor Landfills | US EPA


EVG Logo_TM_Green_231114

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