Active Solutions

The Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ is a parcel-sized active system engineered to improve the way temperature sensitive products are stored during transport. Ideal for sales representatives who manage samples, this active thermal container holds temperature at 4°C +/- 2 degrees against ISTA 7E.
The free piston stirling engine that powers the Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ has been proven to run continuously for more than three years in field testing. This innovative technology runs on only 40 watts of power, less than the average household light bulb.

Key Features :
  • Generous, 25L payload capacity
  • Runs on 40 watts of electricity
  • Heats and cools making it the ideal year-round solution
  • Weighs only 33 lbs. Large handles make it easy to carry
  • Locking lid keeps payload secure
  • Releases no CFCs, harmful refrigerants, or pollutants
  • All products are free of CFCs, harmful refrigerants, and pollutants
Advantages over traditional passive solution for transporting pharmaceutical samples :
  • Payback in as little as 1.3 years when compared to a passive solution
  • Ease of use saves sales representatives an estimated 31 minutes per day
  • No refrigerants and fewer component parts help reduce the risk of errors during pack-out
Two types of solutions available. Select an option below for specifications and further details :

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